Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Causes And Natural Home Remedies

Stretch marks are a common phenomenon associated with the period of hormonal flux. Rapid weight loss during this period draw elastic fibers located below the epidermis and disrupt production of the protein make-up of collagen fibers, so that the fine lines on the skin, striae call. This is medically termed striae gravidarum. Men and women can get stretch marks; but women are more likely to develop this brand. Puberty and pregnancy outcomes of rapid appearance of stretch marks. Initially may be red, but gradually turns red to white. They may be hollow and may have a different texture from the surrounding skin. Hips, thighs, breasts, buttocks, navel, abdomen, arms, etc. is the part where signs occur commonly. The primary cause of this brand can be listed as follows:

1. Obesity - Excess obesity can cause this problem.
2. The Descendants
3. Hormonal imbalances
4. The natural process of growth
5. Pregnancy - In most cases, the peak seen after pregnancy.
6. The prolonged consumption of high doses of oral corticosteroids.
7. Use a skin cream containing steroids / ointment for a long time.
8. mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Home Remedies

1. Mix one tablespoon each of calendula oil and wheat germ oil. Rub the combination of this sign to remove it.

2. Rub the mark with apricot scrub. This will gradually lead to these signs disappear.

3. Application of lavender oil on a sign eliminates three times a day.

4. Application of vitamin K / E cream also works well.

5. Application of cocoa butter is an effective sign.

6. Apply Aloe Vera gel to remove naturaly their brands.

7. Place 7 drops of lavender oil or chamomile oil to a carrier oil to avocado, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. Rub the mixture on their mark every day to get rid of them.

8. Mix a quarter cup of aloe vera gel and a half cup of olive oil, the contents of a hurry to six capsules of vitamin E and 4 capsules of Vitamin A. Mix well in a blender and apply to remove stretch marks.

9. Massage with aroma oils make this appearance marks. Regular use of this massage helps a lot in this country.

10. Rub the olive oil in a circular motion to terminate the trademark issue.

11. Exercise regularly to tone your muscles and prevent these brands.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Get Rid Of The Dreadful Feeling

Wrinkles appear later, after a certain age, which is quite convenient for a person starts to feel old, at the first sign of dermatological problems develop on the skin. But there are many effective home remedies for wrinkles that can help get rid of the old horrible feeling.

Technically, wrinkles are folds that appear on the skin due to aging. In addition, prolonged exposure to water as this can develop dermatological problems. In addition, prolonged exposure to water to prevent the skin from expanding because the skin absorbs a lot of water. For this reason, dermatological problems that occur are temporary and do not require treatment.

There are many causes for the emergence of this dermatological problem.

First, aging is the main cause of this skin condition. In addition, elastin and collagen are the two elements that keep the provocation of the skin, and the skin loses its effectiveness for the production of elastin and collagen as we age.

Second, excessive sun exposure can also cause this skin problem.

Third, the smoke is not only harmful to the lungs, but also for the skin. In addition, smoking affects the formation of collagen, which can lead to sagging skin. There are many effective home remedies for wrinkles, but only the most effective solutions mentioned here that can help tighten the skin.

1. Whisk the egg white and apply on the affected area. After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

2. Take a quarter cup of witch hazel and 10 drops of patchouli oil and a quarter cup of comfrey infusion. Mix all ingredients together and apply this mixture on the affected area with a cotton swab. Let the skin for 25 minutes and rinse with water. It is one of the most effective solution for wrinkles.

3. Mix coconut oil with vitamin E. Gently massage oils this mixture on the affected area every night before going to bed massage oil is one of the most magical solution to wrinkles.

4. Prepare a paste by mixing turmeric powder with sugarcane juice. Apply the paste on the affected areas to tighten the skin.

5. For fine lines, rub the core of pineapple and let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water.

6. destroyed half green Thompson seedless grapes in the affected area and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

7. Take a handful of linseed, a few tablespoons of cream, a tablespoon of honey and a slice of avocado. Mixing in a mixer to form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. It is one of nourishing the skin the most effective home remedies for wrinkles.

8. Mix a few drops of castor oil with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Vitamin C in the lemon juice helps to tighten the skin.

In conclusion, mentioned home remedies for wrinkles is simple and effective, but some lifestyle changes will prove to be beneficial in the prevention of this dermatological problem. First, eat a well balanced diet to ensure the supply of essential nutrients in the body. Second, avoid activities, so that the body can work effectively. Third, stay away from smoking to avoid this dermatological problem. Lastly, for healthy skin and difficulty one must involve mentioned home remedies for wrinkles with prejudice mentioned.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Causes And Natural Home Remedies

Wrinkles are folds, wrinkles and fine lines on the skin that comes with the natural aging process. So we are all afraid of wrinkles, because they show that we have grown old. With age, the skin loses its elasticity and tendency to fall and wrinkle. In fact, collagen and elastin in the skin connective tissue with age become weak and also decrease the number. Rides usually come in two forms: fine surface lines and deep furrows. There is a direct relationship between sun exposure and skin wrinkles. If we look carefully age, he discovered that part of the body exposed to the sun more wrinkled than non-exposed portion. Exposure to sunlight is needed moisture from the skin and causing photo-aging. Face, neck and hands often resist wrinkles maximum for most people. Factors that influence the wrinkles can be listed as follows:

1. Normal changes of aging skin
2. genetic influences also play an important role in this condition.
3. Excess Smoke
4. More exposure to sunlight
5. Fair skin
6. The level of excessive stress
7. Pollution
8. Use of drugs - Regular use of the drug can damage your skin and cause this condition.
9. Weight loss - fast weight loss also cause this condition.
10. vitamin E deficiency in the body

Home Remedies for Wrinkles

1. Close wrinkled skin with beaten egg whites. Rinse and dry. This will reduce wrinkles.

2. Massage with castor oil is a good remedy for wrinkles.

3. wrinkles applying lemon juice several times a day as a drug problem.

4. Tighten the contents of three capsules of vitamin E to add 2 teaspoons of yogurt, half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply on skin wrinkles. Hold for 10 minutes, then rinse.

5. In a mixing glass 2 tablespoons tablespoons vodka, 1 tablespoon fennel seeds and 2 tablespoons of honey. Keep the mixture gently for 3 days. Then use the skin as a toner collapses.

6. Take one tablespoon of grated ginger soup with honey. It tightens the skin and gives a natural shine to it.

7. Hold a metal spoon in the freezer overnight. In the morning, put the back of the spoon to the eye. This will help eliminate wrinkles around the eyes.

8. Apply coconut oil on the skin wrinkles before going to sleep at night. It is a useful anti-wrinkle drug.

9. Cut seedless grapes in half. Half rubbing skin wrinkles; hold for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Obtained good results in the case of wrinkles.

10. Make a paste of turmeric powder and sugarcane juice. Apply on wrinkles. Rinse dried. This treatment effectively wrinkles.

11. Rub the core of pineapple on wrinkles. Hold for 10-15 minutes before washing.

12. Add a half cup of rosemary leaves in 2 cups of water and boil for half an hour. Add half a cup of brandy to the solution and continue to heat for 10-15 minutes. Let cool, strain and store the mixture. Clean the face with the mixture twice a day. It is an effective remedy for wrinkles.